Code Issues

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List of issues

Edit Patient General Info Screen
Save does not work

If you attempt to do a Save, then Confirm does not work.

Tab order not properly set

When screen is first displayed cursor should be set at first box

Patient General Info Screen
Enter a New Patient
Tab order does not work
Cannot add age
Drop down box should not have default or should add a bland as first item in drop down

The alert drop down should say what each color mean
i.e – Red – drug abuser don't need this

After I created a new patient and save it brought up an empty grid with the name and id of the previous client that I had viewed.

Escaped to patient search
Searched for the patient I had entered. The age was set to 0. If it is designed to autocalculate it is incorrect.
Did not save the carrier.

Patient Summary Grid

After an item has been added or edited in the grid, the cursor should return to that item in the grid
Ex: I add a comment to a procedure, I save the procedure. When the procedure form closes, the cursor should be back on that procedure in the grid

Patient Drug Screen
I added a drug to the patient.
Selected the drug from the patient summary grid
It appears to reload or refresh the Patient Drug Screen multiple times
The MENB does not save
Can’t change strength

There is a problem with the script date and first date – not sure what is suppose to happen

Patient Procedure
Added procedure
One box was labeled “description” – after saving and selecting from patient summary screen the box was labeled “facts”
Repeat every did not save correctly

Discard drug
When a drug is discarded – does the entire patient prescription need to be displayed or a box to select reason? Check with Mancha